Chick N Max Named one of the Top 20 Brands to Watch

Fast Casual Magazine has identified Chick N Max as one of the more exciting emerging restaurant brands in the country. The magazine highlight Chick N Max’s passionate response to the recent coronavirus pandemic. “While we are a small local company” Chick N Max Founder Max Sheets says, “we feel compelled to take action to support our struggling neighbors.”


Founded in 2018 by restaurant industry veteran Max Sheets, Chick N Max has perfected a menu of almond-smoked chicken, sandwiches, tenders, wings and house-made salads. Sheets brings more than three decades of restaurant development experience and continues to innovate at his three Wichita, Kansas, locations.

The brand smokes its chicken over almond wood from California, which produces a softer, sweeter flavor than other woods historically used in restaurants like hickory, mesquite or white oak. To finish it off, chefs use secret spice rubs and sauces that are specifically crafted to enhance the gentle smoked flavor of its chicken.

In response to this spring’s COVID-19 outbreak, Chick N Max released its Community Support Menu, a trio of healthy, affordably priced meals designed to help those affected by the outbreak and make food more accessible to the whole Wichita community.

“We are heartbroken to see the economic pain caused by the coronavirus,” Sheets said. “Each day, we are hearing about more job losses especially in industries like hospitality, entertainment and aerospace. While we are a small local company, we feel compelled to take action to support our struggling neighbors.”

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